Thankful for HIS Grace

Nobody’s perfect! Like most people, I have made a few mistakes. Most of these mistakes caused me to feel like God was distant from a girl like me. After all, I grew up in church so I knew “right from wrong.” Therefore, I believed God had distanced Himself from me because He was so disappointed in all the wrongs I’d chosen to do. That’s where I was wrong! Because of God’s Grace, He showed me that it was not Him who had distanced Himself, it was me. All of my guilt, shame, false beliefs and regret caused me to distanced my Imperfect self from the Perfect God. However like the song says, Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, That Saved A Wretch Like Me. I once was lost But Now I’m Found, Was Blind But Now I See!

Published by Ms Poole

Daughter of the Most High! Jesus RePreSentative! Minister of Grace!

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